Red Tiger Jeep Rentals, Inc. and the Villa Paradise is owned by Benny Chitolie, his lovely wife Alison and their two children, Rhashid & Valerie. They both are native born and come from two of St. Lucia’s finest family names, respectively, Chitolie and Francis. Benny is no stranger to the Hotel & Tourism Industry, having worked in that industry approximately ten years in various positions & departments before opening his own company. He is also a computer technician by profession. His wife on the other hand has twenty two years experience in the Hotel Industry and still works with one of the finest resorts on the island, none other than the Sandals Regency in the capacity of Human Resources Manager. So you see, these two are no strangers to understanding what it means to provide top class, quality & reliable service. Benny is also a martial arts expert who has contributed immensely to the development, unity and growth of the art in St. Lucia. He owns and operates the leading martial arts school in St. Lucia called the White Tiger Kenpo Karate School founded by his Professor Marty Cale of Arkansas, U.S.A. Sensei Chitolie is also the Chairman of the Association of Professional Martial Artists having been inducted into the World Karate Union Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2007 and teaches martial arts programs in a number of the islands primary & secondary schools with the hope of changing & saving children's lives.

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